About Our Leadership Team

We are a non-profit educational community-based organization dedicated to empowering individuals and our community to expand self-awareness and heal through holistic energy medicine, meditation, natural healing and conscious communication.

Our founding Charter Members and Board of Directors are healers and members of the community who love the work of transformational wellness, holistic medicine, meditation, energy medicine and we are dedicated to healing and helping others.

Meet our founding members…

Amy Orcutt, The Healing Garden Charter Member

Hi, I’m Amy! I have been practicing Nursing for 21 years. Both professionally and personally, my focus on health and wellness has always been a passion, resulting in becoming a Health & Life Coach, as well as a Group Fitness Instructor. My niche is to help people who think they can’t, into believing that they CAN!!! Over the last 12 years, I have completed several triathlons, numerous hikes, runs, relay runs, swims, Trek Across Maine, women’s bike rides, & more! My strength, determination, and commitment to balance in life, is true to my core. I enjoy music, dancing, boating, the beach, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, quilting, crocheting, creating all crafty things, & flowers, to name a few. I am married to my husband Alan, and together, they have three daughters, Alannah, Sydney and Emma.

Anita Pease, The Healing Garden Founding Member

Hi, I’m Anita! I am a Maine native, and retired from the government after working 25 years for the Social Security Administration helping people navigate their retirement and disability claims. After suffering many years of chronic pain and shouldering my own long and arduous traditional medical journey, I finally searched out a more holistic approach to managing my pain. I am excited to become more deeply involved in the energy healing field which has helped my conquer and control many of my own health challenges. Learning I have the power to heal herself with the help of an amazing energy healer has been my most satisfying achievement and I look forward to help build a body of healers available to everyone in the community through The Healing Garden.

Ava Broderick, The Healing Garden Board Member

Welcome to our page! My name is Ava, I am a registered nurse and graduate of the University of Maine program. I am very grateful to work alongside some incredible nurses in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I have a passion for providing meaningful care to others. The mission of The Healing Garden resonates with me deeply, as I believe we all should have equal access to wellness. I have grown up in this beautiful state, which has taught me a lot of lessons about the necessity of nature, especially as it relates to the healing process. I hope that our organization and network of amazing souls can help you in your personal wellness journey. 

Deb Peabody, MD, The Healing Garden Board Member

Hi, I’m Dr. Deb! I am a native of Maine and have been a practicing Family Physician for approximately 20 years. After working in the mainstream healthcare system for a number of years, I realized that I could not practice medicine in this way anymore. I felt that the computer and the constraints of insurance companies were interfering with my ability to care for patients. It troubled me that patients were becoming much sicker and at a younger age, and many were looking for the “pill for the ill” but nowhere were we addressing the root issue. I discovered the Functional Medicine model resonated with me, and so I embarked on a new medical practice called to help patients achieve optimal health in all the seasons of their lives.  Personally, I am married and live on a mountaintop overlooking Penobscot Bay. I have one dog, Buck, who is such a love and a great Hospice volunteer. I love the outdoors and enjoy kayaking, hiking, gardening, and fishing. I am also the Hospice Medical Director for the community which is another area that I truly love.

Diana Maria Chapin, The Healing Garden President

Hi, I’m Diana! I grew up on a farm in Waldo County, deeply in touch with and in love with nature. A scientist by training, I worked as a professional horticulturist and freelance writer for over 20 years. In my cultural upbringing, I had no awareness of energy or energy healing and a very poor connection to my physical body, let alone the energy of my inner being. Nearly a decade ago a friend of mine experienced a concussion, and I witnessed the amazing healing she experienced through energy medicine. Curious to know more, I embarked on a journey of passionate self-directed study and self-discovery as I realized my true vocation as healer. I am a HeartMath Institute Certified Trainer, offering tools and techniques for resilience, heart coherence, emotional self-regulation and connecting to the intuitive, intelligent guidance of the heart. I am a bio-field therapist and Reiki Master Teacher, dedicated to mastering the science behind the beautiful and phenomenal healings that can happen through meditation and energy medicine. I have a studio and practice in Belfast and belong to a global network of healers trained by Dr. Joe Dispenza, who offer coherence energy healing to people in need all over the world. I love helping people develop and build transformational and behavioral wellness skills. I cherish my family, love to garden & watch wildlife around my home, enjoy hiking New England’s big mountains and kayaking on beautiful, healing Lake St. George.

Joanne Pease, The Healing Garden Treasurer

Hi, I’m Joanne! I grew up in Montville Maine, attending local schools with Diana Chapin and both of our sisters.  After studying accounting and business administration at Gordon College in Wenham Massachusetts, working for a CPA firm in Boston for three years and for a community bank in Gloucester for another four years, I returned to Maine to raise my young son and start my own CPA practice.  Small town accounting, tax preparation and payroll preparation has allowed me to be flexible and work from home for the last 25 years while raising my two sons, often as a single Mom.  About eight years ago I started exploring my sensing, feeling, and empathetic side more.  I enjoy working with my clients to show them how their money “mindset” affects their businesses and personal finances.  I’ve taken Diana’s Reiki I training to learn more and uses energy healing time for my own self care.

John Chapin, The Healing Garden Charter Member

Hello, I’m John! I have been actively seeking the divine mystical from an early age.  In 2019 I was introduced to the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, which significantly accelerated this journey.  I have participated in two week-long retreats where I developed my skills as a meditator and coherence healer.  I am currently a member of Co-Heal International and The Healing Garden, and regularly participate in remote and in-person group healings.

Judy Lesan, The Healing Garden Board Member

Hi, I’m Judy! I have been interested and drawn to the science of healing for as long as I can remember. After graduating Downeast School of Massage in 1977 my path lead me to seek out Energy healing such as Reiki. I’m also intrigued by Cranial Sacral therapy, as well as Orthopedic and Sports massage. I love both learning and participating in multiple healing modalities, and after having personally experienced distance energy healing during my journey with breast cancer, I know how effective and lovely it is. It is such an honor to be part of this new and exciting adventure with these amazing and talented people to bring healing to our community. The possibilities are endless.

Kathy Gaskin, The Healing Garden Board Member

Hi, I’m Kathy! I have spent much of my life reflecting on what it means to be a healthy human participant in the world, whether relationally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, or psychologically.  My personal journey took a deeper transformational dive during my studies at Naropa University, where I obtained a MA in Transpersonal Ecopsychology in 2016.  There, I was introduced to and trained in the practice of Council (sacred circles to share and listen from the depth of one’s heart), which opened in me a dedication to holding space for people to acknowledge and embrace their external differences and internal struggles, and ultimately develop respect and compassion for how all life moves through the world.  I have co-held council circles around the solstices and equinoxes, exploring the dynamic relationship between humans and the natural world.  I have also participated in several circles and trainings with the Restorative Justice Project.  Since early 2020, I have been co-leading councils on topics including environmental concerns, living the truest versions of ourselves, and most currently our integral relationship with grief – all with the intention of knowing ourselves more intimately and engaging life more openly with love. I currently live off-grid in mid-coast Maine, where I and my partner have been creating and building a spirited homestead.  A living practice all its own, it has taught me more than I imagined on what it means to live more purposefully in reverence and alignment with life, and to feel held and nurtured by the flow of life’s ever-changing energy on a momentary basis.

Kerri Vacher, ND, The Healing Garden Vice President

Hi, I’m Dr. Kerri! I am a Naturopathic Doctor and Family Nurse Practitioner with 14 years of experience.  I am a 2007 graduate of Bastyr University and a 2017 graduate of the University of Southern Maine. I provide an integrative approach to your health- combining the best of both worlds.  My favorite healing modalities are herbal medicine, craniosacral therapy and other manipulation and energy healing techniques, diet and nutrition therapies, counseling, meditation and yoga. My goal is to help you heal yourself in the most natural way possible utilizing all the tools needed to bring your health back to balance.

Melissa Mathurin, The Healing Garden Charter Member

Hi everyone, I’m Melissa! I am a board-certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner who has been in practice for over 20 years. After overcoming my own health challenges, including breast cancer and thyroid dysfunction, I have dedicated my practice to helping women improve their health and vibrance through hormonal balance. I have advanced education in hormone replacement therapy and nutritional science.  I hold certificates in low carb, high fat (LCHF) /Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment through The Noakes Foundation and bioidentical hormone replacement through BioTE Medical and additional training through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). I am currently enrolled in the School of Applied Functional Medicine (SAFM) to further expand my knowledge. I am originally from the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. I am a Navy Nurse Corps veteran and a Nurse Corps veteran and have lived in many different locations. My husband and I love living in mid-coast Maine and have a great love of animals. My free time is spent taking care of my horses, cat, and dog.

Michelle LeClerc, The Healing Garden Board Member

Hi, I’m Michelle! I first heard of energy healing/Reiki years ago, and to be honest, I was skeptical at the time. I thought, how could Reiki be beneficial if the practitioner only touches you gently, or not at all? It was through sudden, sweeping loss and immense grief that I was to learn about the deep healing power of Reiki. Our oldest child, a mom herself, tragically died in a car accident. In an instant, a cavernous hole had been blown through our family and community. The loss of our daughter completely knocked me off my axis. The shock and pain was indescribable. During this time I turned to Reiki. To my relief, the sessions were immensely helpful. It was such a relief to begin to recognize myself again.  My healing experience was so profound it inspired me to take Reiki classes. I wanted to learn how to help myself and others regain and maintain their wellbeing. I am, by nature, a deeply nurturing, empathetic person. Being a mom, wife, friend and community member, has enriched my life. Energy healing has shown me new levels of compassion for myself and others. Having completed Reiki classes (and years of study and practice) I am joyfully a Certified Reiki Master.


Michelle Walker, The Healing Garden Board Member

Hi beautiful, I am Michelle, an entrepreneur, transformational life & meditation coach, and self-healing mentor.

As a young person I was always curious about the deeper currents of life, and wondered things like “why are we here?” “what is the meaning of this life?” and “why do we suffer?” And more precisely, why am I suffering and how can I free myself? All these questions lead me to become a student of spiritual/perennial wisdom studies, practice meditation and get a masters degree in Jungian Psychology. I love exploring the realms of human potential.

Back in 1995 I read the book, Remarkable Recovery by Caryle Hirshberg which reviews the literature of extraordinary, spontaneous, and complete healings, of very sick people, that were unable to be explained by medical science. This introduction to what is possible in terms of instantaneous change within what we think of as a physical body planted a seed of knowing that many things are not what we have been taught to believe they are. If one person can literally change overnight physically, that means it is within the human potential for all people.

My own health challenge in 2017 lead me to study with Dr. Joe Dispenza, who brings a contemporary lens of science to what has previously been the realm of mysticism, to the arena of self-healing and manifestation of new possibilities in people’s lives. Through deep meditation experiences, I fell in love with my body and the entire divine play we are in the midst of, and came to know myself as the creator of my life and my health.

I owned and operated the boutique, “Coyote Moon” in Belfast for 32 years where I focused on beauty, community, inspiration, and soulful possibility, understanding that everyone, without exception, longs to fulfill their soul’s potential in their life.

I now have the great joy of supporting people as a coach in turning within to their native wisdom to discover the divine power and love that is available to them to create change, healing, and to bring their true selves fully into form.

Moriah Hersey, The Healing Garden Board Member

Hi, I’m Moriah.  I’m an integrative medicine Occupational Therapist.  Traditional therapy focuses on injury and illness and I prefer to promote wellness and optimum performance.  I have always been and “outside the box” kind of clinician.  I approach every patient/client from a brain–and now, heart–perspective.  My practice has evolved to embrace my strengths as well as to meet the needs of our direct community and the state.  I’m so fortunate to have a profession that allows and encourages proactive thinking and treatment, however insurance doesn’t like to pay for this type of care (yet.) I am currently providing integrative home-based care that can’t be provided in my other job, a traditional medical setting. When I discovered that three women that I held to high regard were developing what seemed to be my dream center and culture, I had to help.  The Healing Garden has brought back my enthusiasm for learning, and that change is possible.

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Syerra-Marie Carmone, The Healing Garden Secretary

Hi, I’m Syerra, a lover of psychology, neurons, and the beauty of the universe. I have spent the last four years in Maine on a journey discovering my passions and reconnecting with the earths natural elements. My dream is to help others reunite with themselves and the energy we are all surrounded by. I will soon be traveling across the country with my best friend (pictured!) to engage and volunteer with local communities, making sure to take the time to sit with the trees and look up towards the sky.