We are a non-profit educational community-based organization dedicated to empowering individuals and our community to expand unity consciousness, self-awareness and heal through science-based holistic energy medicine, meditation, natural healing and conscious communication.

The Healing Garden is dedicated to community-centered, conscious healing modalities in a beautiful natural environment.  We are an economic incubator, as we provide a connection-hub between healers & holistic practitioners and those in need of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. 

We lead and teach people to use their body as an instrument of consciousness to expand their awareness, self-regulate and heal their life.  For those in a state of wellness, we provide opportunities to learn to access and share life-giving energy with others, so that as a collective, we thrive in vitality, oneness and wholeness.

  • Our work is science-based whole-body health 
  • We create equitable access to our services
  • We empower the individual to thrive with tools and resources for healing and wellness
  • We provide ongoing opportunities to stay connected to community
  • We have hearts for service and embody respect and compassion for all
  • We practice, cultivate, and promote conscious communication
  • We create a welcoming community that is non-hierarchical and inclusive
  • We believe that even small changes can result in meaningful, powerful, and significant outcomes
  • We understand that our bodies are innately intelligent and self-healing
  • Our efforts support the health of the individual, the community, and ultimately the world
  • Providing a new model of care—We integrate the best of medicine throughout the ages, which acknowledges and incorporates the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and social factors that support a person’s ability to thrive.
  • Honoring the whole person–We view everyone as a unified, whole being consisting of physical and non-physical energy.  
  • Creating Connection– We create opportunities for experiencing healing, growth, inspiration, and transformation without limits.
  • Celebrating Consciousness–We lead people to expand self-awareness, discover their inner being, challenge limiting beliefs, and develop clarity and a creative mindset for the future.
  • Unlocking the mysteries of heart–We ground our programming in the emerging science of cardio-neurology and heart coherence practice, which optimizes the potential of the intrinsic cardiac nervous system to access the healing and intuitive power of the heart.  
  • Building Resilience–We offer meaningful resources, techniques and tools that help people prepare for, move through, and recover from challenges. 

We hold donations-based wellness classes and retreats.